Interwoven (2021)

Interwoven (2021)

In Interwoven, the protagonist is a chunk of fungi. Electrical activity is measured from them. The fungus communicates within its own network through electrical pulses. This invisible language is translated into something we can see and hear: a projection and sound. This way, the fungus ‘speaks’ to the viewer.

If the fungus is touched, the effect can be seen in the projection and heard in the sound. This way, the visitor’s influence is noticeable, and the visitor cooperates with the fungus to make the projection move.

This installation is about the relationship between humans and nature. Are humans and nature too distanced from each other? Or are we one? By bringing visitors face to face with a fungus, we hope to establish a sense of connection with the fungus, and therefore to nature.

This work is my graduation work for Image and Media Technology at University of the Arts, Utrecht. It won the Awesome Utrecht prize and was officially selected for Dutch Design Week 2021.

23-26 June 2021              Exhibition         ︎︎︎ HKU Exposure online
24-30 June 2021              Exhibition         ︎︎︎ Thanks, Machine.
14 Sep  2021                    Performance      ︎︎︎ Opening van het Collegejaar HKU
1 Oct 2021                       Exhibition         ︎︎︎ Betweter Festival
20 Oct 2021                     Performance      ︎︎︎ KNMI // Climate Walk Urgenda
8-24 Oct 2021                  Exhibition         ︎︎︎ RE|NATURE

16 Apr - 21 Aug 2022      Exhibition         ︎︎︎ Museum De Fundatie Zwolle

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ARTISTS Lidewei Reitsma & Jonne Verheij

SOUND Marijn Cinjee  

FUNGI SPONSOR Paddestoelenrijk  

FUNGI ADVICE Prof. Dr. Han Wösten, Dr. Jan Dijksterhuis, Dr. Robert-Jan Bleichrodt

SPECIAL THANKS TO Melanie Kandelaars, Juli Laczkó, Job van Nuenen, Martijn van Gessel, Goran Goldin, Cyrille Bloemers, Wiam Al-Zabari, Ronald Nijhof, René Lansink, Jaap Reitsma, Jan ten Cate, Mik Witte, Lenno Verhoog, Kas Houthuis, Shirley Niemans, Dirk Lentz, Joris Besselink, Awesome Utrecht

Publication "A Dialogue With Nature" - a book about our process, concept and philosophy.